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To apply to any scholarship opportunity you must be admitted to The W. Your admissions letter will include instructions how to set up your WConnect account. Sign in using WConnect to apply for additional scholarship offers.

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The W offers a variety of scholarships for all sorts of scholars. There are awards for academic performance, academic interest, W legacy, financial need, and others.

We make it easy for you to get these scholarships. When you complete the online application for admission, you are automatically matched with academic scholarships based on your transcripts (and ACT/SAT scores for freshmen), along with your financial need established by the FAFSA.

In addition to the academic and need-based scholarships awarded to you during the admissions process, The W offers separate scholarships that available based on criteria like academic major, residency, and your plans following graduation. These scholarships have their own application, deadline, and selection process. Feel free to explore these scholarship options.

Additional Financial Aid Options

Your financial aid package will likely include a variety of options, scholarships are just one part. Learn more about federal financial aid, state financial aid, grants, student work-study programs, and military benefits. If you require student loans, you can get more information on that process at the Financial Aid Center. For additional information about loans, grants and state aid, contact the Financial Aid Center at 877-462-8439 ext. 7114.

Financial Aid

All scholarships listed are for undergraduate students only.

Most scholarships and awards are for a period of one academic year (nine months) which includes Fall/Spring. However, some at The W can be renewed for additional academic years, or until graduation, whichever occurs first. All scholarship recipients must maintain continuous full-time enrollment and earn at least 24 hours per academic year at The W and maintain a 2.5 or higher W cumulative grade point average. Students may receive more than one type of scholarship to attend The W. However, total university  award package, including state, federal, institutional, and private funds may not exceed total cost of attendance. Scholarship awards will be adjusted should the total amount exceed this cost.

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